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Monday, April 02, 2007

SITE: April Fool's Day Clarification and More Serious Theft Issues.

Since yesterday was April 1 -- April Fool's Day -- yesterday's entry about the newsblog being shutdown was, in fact, a hoax, which the 'newfound interest' for 'Troy' and 'Troy 2' probably should have given away. The newsblog is NOT shutting-down, the Season Two news summary WILL be updated (eventually), and the fansite will still eventually go ahead once I get the all-clear.

HOWEVER -- I was NOT joking about issues of fans stealing my newsblog logo (as well as other people's fanart) and other newsblog material without my permission and credit. And don't use 'it's the internet, I can steal whatever I want!' as an excuse -- be a decent and moral human being instead of a jerk by showing some respect in asking first. That, and just because something is posted on the internet doesn't mean that someone doesn't own the rights to it, and that includes things like fanart and websites.

So that said -- even though I'm NOT shutting the blog down, be warned that if the above keeps happening, I may very well be provoked into closing shop. And you'll know if it's a real announcement if it's not posted on April Fool's Day. Thank you.


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