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Monday, July 31, 2006

'Q&A with Director Brad Goodchild' -- Round IV.

We continue and finish re-posting the first four fan-questions and the director's answers to them as promised in an announcement yesterday morning.

This fourth and final (for now) question was originally posted on the forum on June 17, 2006 and answered by director Brad Goodchild on June 27, 2006. You can read the relevant original posts here. The only changes made to the responses were to fix minor technical errors and remove time-relevant comments that no longer apply in the re-posts.

We also ask that you please do not re-post these questions and answers on your own personal website, unless you run the FAQ, director's blog, etc. Thank you.


Q: When coming up with the idea of New Olympia, was its design based off a real city like Athens, New York, or Vancouver, or was it just a random idea thrown together so that the gang would have somewhere to live?

A: As far as choosing New Olympia, we tossed around a lot of ideas about the name and location. The name had to be sounding Greek, to glue in the elements of our show. The location also had to be one of a moderate climate. We didn't want to animate snow (that's my feeling). Anyway, it also had to be could be in the United States or Canada. It's somewhere in the North American continent on the west's that for an answer?

When it comes to the creation of the series I have a bit of insight but otherwise I go ask the real creators of the show. I am basically responsible for the shaping of the show, style-wise and artistically.


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