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Monday, April 02, 2007

Additional New Air-Times for 'Class of the Titans' on Teletoon.

The English version of Teletoon seems to have made some changes to its Season One re-run schedule much sooner than we had anticipated -- in addition to the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) at 2:00PM ET/PT timeslot that started on March 17, 2007, Teletoon's website states that as of Friday March 23, 2007, two more air-times have been added. You can now also watch re-runs on Fridays at 7:00PM ET/PT, as well as Sundays at 6:30PM ET/PT. At present, it looks like this schedule will, at the very least, continue until the end of April 2007.

To summarize, these are the following times you can now watch Season One re-runs of 'Class of the Titans' on the English version of the channel:
  • Fridays -- 7:00PM ET/PT
  • Saturdays -- 2:00PM ET/PT
  • Sundays -- 2:00PM and 6:30PM ET/PT

Thanks for reading, and we apologize for not getting this up sooner, as we only just noticed the new changes earlier yesterday.


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