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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The 'Chaos Trilogy' to Re-Air on Teletoon in November and December 2006.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week marks the first time the three episodes making-up the opening 'Chaos Trilogy' of 'Class of the Titans' are being aired individually on Canada's Teletoon instead of as a Cinetoon film, with Episode 1.02: Chaos 102 (alternatively known as Episode 1.02: Chaos 101, Part II) re-airing today and the third part tomorrow.

So, does this mean the 'Chaos Trilogy' episodes will finally be incorporated in the regular schedule with the rest of the Season One re-runs?

According to Teletoon audience relations co-ordinator Daniel Charbonneau, not so -- the 'Chaos Trilogy' will reportedly air as individual episodes again in November 2006, and then once more in December 2006. At present, there is also no word on the exact dates, whether the trilogy will air as a Cinetoon presentation again, or what will happen to the episodes and series in 2007.


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