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Monday, April 23, 2007

Official 'Class of the Titans' Teasers on YouTube and at 'Brad's Corner'.

Studio B Productions (website) seems to have joined the YouTube trend, as they now have an account there that is currently hosting three 'Class of the Titans' Season One teasers.

Director Brad Goodchild has also posted the three teasers to his blog. You can view the teasers for Episode 1.01: Chaos 101, Part I here, Episode 1.02: Chaos 101, Part II here, and Episode 1.13: Little Box of Horrors here. Each clip includes the respective episode's opening teaser followed by the main titles. General comments are probably best directed to this entry.

EDIT (3:05PM): The newsblog's sidebar has been updated to include a link to the show's official YouTube account.

EDIT (4:17PM): Storyboard artist Lyn Hart has also provided links to the teasers on her blog.


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