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Friday, April 13, 2007

Lead Character Designer (Season One) Kenny Park Now Has a Blog!

You've seen many of his character designs on director Brad Goodchild's blog and you may have caught his name in the show's closing credits -- lead character designer (Season One) and storyboard artist (Season Two) Kenny Park now has his own fantastic blog! There are only two entries up at this time, but they're both very much worth taking a look at.

The first entry has a piece of promotional artwork by Mr. Park that you may have seen on the director's blog several months ago (without the text), as well as some interesting and insightful personal comments about his experience with the show. There is also some possible news about a Season Three (or lack thereof, but keep in mind that there's been no official announcement yet).

The second entry features the uncoloured pencils for another unused promotional piece featuring many of the major villains -- both regular and guest stars -- from the show. A coloured version may appear on the blog sometime in the future.

We'll be adding a link to the blog in due time, though please keep in mind that we are still officially on hiatus right now, which includes the Season Two news summary that hasn't been updated for awhile (but WILL be eventually). For now, enjoy the new crew blog and the artwork!


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