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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

REMINDER: 'The Making of Class of the Titans' Special on CityTV Vancouver's 'Razor 696' Airing Tomorrow.

Last week, director Brad Goodchild's blog updates included some information and screenshots for a 'The Making of Class of the Titans' special for a CityTV Vancouver show called 'Razor 696' (official website here). As stated earlier, the special will be airing on Wednesday April 4, 2007 (tomorrow) at 11:00AM, according to CityTV Vancouver's schedule for that day -- Mr. Goodchild had originally announced a 10:00AM air-time, but that seems to have since changed.

A number of fans have been asking when the special will air if they're not in Vancouver. Unfortunately, we've researched every CityTV website and found that the Vancouver version of CityTV is the ONLY one that will be airing it. Therefore, you CANNOT watch the special if you do not have access to CityTV Vancouver. It is NOT being shown CityTV Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Winnipeg, unless we overlooked a crucial detail -- and if we did, please correct us and provide a source to back you up.

So, Vancouver fans, enjoy the special and get a neat look at the stuff that goes on behind-the-scenes at the studio!


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