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Friday, September 01, 2006

'Q&A with Director Brad Goodchild' -- Round VIII.

'Class of the Titans' director Brad Goodchild is open to fans asking him intelligent questions about the show and the animation process. His answers are posted here on the newsblog as the 'Q&A with Director Brad Goodchild' feature, with the only changes to his original comments being minor technical corrections. These fan-questions, however, are filtered through a system so that he can devote his limited time to answering the most reasonable questions that will also appeal to as many fans as possible.

For more information about the current system, please read this post. If you are interested in submitting a question for Mr. Goodchild, please see this entry and follow the rules and instructions outlined there.

We also ask that you please do not re-post these questions and answers on your own personal website, unless you run the FAQ, the newsblog's accompanying fansite, or the director's blog. You are, however, more than welcome to provide a link to the entries. Thank you.


Q: How much research does it take to find all the details you might use for the myths you put into the episodes? How do you even go around deciding what myth to use in the first place, and which research sources does the crew use?

A: We use lots of research to find details. We try and find interesting bits of mythology to write about. We tend to shy away from the more well known myths, as they have all been done before and we want to have more of an open book and give the stories or characters our own Titan Twist. We try a small bit of a story that might be cool and build around that. Sometimes it works and some no. Also, the idea has to have enough 'Stakes' to warrant a full episode and that we can get an A story as well as a B or C story as well. If you notice, there are sometimes 2 or 3 storylines going on at the same time and finally all tie up at end.

Also, we really like to involve where Greek words come from ... try and teach a bit along the way (eg. the Pan story). A lot of words from Greek origins.

We tend to use Theoi Project and Godchecker as sources for inspiration and reference


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