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Saturday, April 28, 2007

GREATEST HITS: Q&A with Director Brad Goodchild.

Since it seems like there are a lot of new 'Class of the Titans' fans coming into the fandom lately (welcome!) and some questions and requests get re-posted often, we're introducing a new Greatest Hits feature where every once in awhile, we'll post links to old news that would interest fans new and old.

To start-off, we're re-posting links to our old Q&A with Director Brad Goodchild. In the past, fans would e-mail questions they had for the director through the newsblog editor, who would then filter them for repeats or overly trivial things, then finally pass on the good questions to Mr. Goodchild. Though we haven't done that for awhile, we actually do have some leftover material that was never posted, and we'll do so soon.

In the meantime, here are the links to all of the questions and answers that were posted in the past. These will also eventually all be archived on Age of Silicon when it finally opens. Do NOT repost any of this material anywhere unless I have given you permission in writing. Please also read through these before asking question on the director's blog! Thanks.


1. What was the funniest thing and/or blooper that has happened while working on the show so far? ANSWER

2. Characters go through a lot of changes throughout production. For example, you previously mentioned that Odie was originally NOT African-Canadian, and that you made the change in order to have more diversity among the main heroes. What other major interesting changes did some of the other characters go through as they were being designed? ANSWER

3. There's a huge selection of heroes in Greek mythology. When creating the main characters, how did you select which seven heroes to have the kids be descended from (particularly the choice of Narcissus)? And why seven, no more no less? ANSWER

4. When coming up with the idea of New Olympia, was its design based off a real city like Athens, New York, or Vancouver, or was it just a random idea thrown together so that the gang would have somewhere to live? ANSWER

5. Each of the main seven characters has a specific look, personal style, personality, etc. What inspired the different designs, appearance, style, etc. (ie. general character design) for each of them (or a few select ones you want to talk more about)? ANSWER

6. The press release for the show mentions that the seven modern-day heroes are from all over the world. We know from the original series Bible that Atlanta is from the North-West Territories, Herry's from the Prairies, and Theresa was born into an English family, though she doesn't sound English. Where are the other heroes (Jay, Herry, Odie, and Neil) from? ANSWER

7. In an earlier question, you answered that Teletoon originally wanted three female heroes, but Studio B changed it to two. Who would the third girl be descended from, and what kind of character concept was Teletoon thinking of for her? ANSWER

8. How were the voice actors selected and casted for their parts? It seems like they were chosen before the initial character designs, so did they get a say on what they wanted their character to look or act like? ANSWER

9. Most fans have seen from the draft script of Episode 1.23: Cronus' Flying Circus that an episode's contents can change a lot from the draft script to the final episode. What's another episode (or episodes) that went through many changes, and what things changed? ANSWER

10. How difficult is it to fit each episode into the twenty-two minute timeframe? Does a lot of material end-up being cut-out so it'll fit? ANSWER

11. How much research does it take to find all the details you might use for the myths you put into the episodes? How do you even go around deciding what myth to use in the first place, and which research sources does the crew use? ANSWER


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