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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Director Brad Goodchild on

Like numerous people in the animation, comic book, etc. industries, 'Class of the Titans' director Brad Goodchild, whom you probably also know as running the Brad's Corner blog, now also has a deviantART account. He will be posting additional artwork there, including individual character poses from the new promotional mock-ups that were covered in a previous newsblog entry here.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

'Episode 1.08: See You at the Crossroads' to Air in Australia Next Week?

Thanks to LightningFlash at the 'Class of the Titans' discussion forum for the heads-up on this. According to ABCTV's listings for the show, Episode 1.08: See You at the Crossroads will be airing on the Australian channel twice over the next two weeks -- once on ABCTV on Tuesday June 6, 2006 at 4:59PM and again on ABC2 on Wednesday June 14, 2006 at 8:00PM.

As mentioned earlier in the blog, this episode was originally supposed to coincide with Hallowe'en 2005 in Canada had the show aired on Teletoon starting in September. The current status of the episode is that it will most likely to airing on Hallowe'en 2006 instead.

If you're an Australian fan and the episode does air next week, please drop us a line at so the airing can be confirmed. Thank you.

REMINDER: Season One Finale Airing Tomorrow.

For fans in Canada, Episode 1.26: Time After Time -- the season finale for the first season of 'Class of the Titans' -- will be airing on on Teletoon tomorrow, Wednesday May 31, 2006 at 7:30PM EST, according to various sources cited earlier in this blog and on other websites and message boards.

As a hint of what to expect, here's the official episode summary from Teletoon:

It's New Year's Eve and CRONUS' powers are at their peak! Though he sure puts a damper on the heroes' party by killing Odie, Jay finds a way to go back in time and save their friend. Not to be outdone, Cronus goes all the way back to the TITAN WAR for another shot at defeating ZEUS!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

More Season Two News and Tidbits.


'Class of the Titans' director Brad Goodchild is back on the show's forum with more tidbits of news on the second season of the Canadian cartoon, all summarized below:

  • Cronus will be the main villain of the series yet again, just like in Season One, with the rationale being that he's the reason for the series in the first place. However, we should expect some surprises along the way.

  • There will probably be more stories focusing on individual characters. Jay will also take on more of a leadership role, and the team will be taking a more proactive approach to dealing with Cronus.

  • At this point in time, there are twelve approved scripts for Season Two, with more being read as we speak. The first recording date for the new season will be on June 28, 2006.

Also, keep an eye out for Brad's Corner over the next short while, as it will definitely be updated with new material -- 'other art pieces, BG color stuff and other models of things as props etc.' -- from the studio.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Season One Finale Airing Next Wednesday.

Frustrated with how there's sometimes a re-run when you're expecting a new episode? Writerpatrick from has the heads-up that the TV listings at confirm Episode 1.26: Time After Time will be aired next Wednesday. This was also cross-checked with the listings at, and the latter source has been consistantly correct so far.

So if you're in Canada, tune-in to Teletoon on Wednesday May 31, 2006 at 7:30PM EST for the finale to the first season of 'Class of the Titans'!

If you know of any alternative times, please e-mail us at to let us know, and we'll post those times up as well.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Feedback Thread for the Creative Team.

Though work on the second season is now underway, please ignore the link in an earlier entry to the message board thread for providing feedback on the show to the creative team. A new and hopefully more organized thread has been created for you to provide your feedback, suggestions, and constructive criticism:

Got comments for the 'Class of the Titans' creative team? Leave them here!

Please read the rules and guidelines before posting to ensure that the topic stays useful, organized, and on-topic.

Friday, May 12, 2006

REMINDER: 'Chaos 101' on Cintetoon Tomorrow.

Just a friendly reminder that the three-part 'Class of the Titans' pilot, 'Chaos 101' -- also known non-collectively as Episodes 1.01-1.03: Chaos 101, Chaos 102, and Chaos 103 -- will be re-airing tomorrow (Saturday May 13, 2006) on Teletoon's Cinetoon from 5:00-7:00PM.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

'Class of the Titans' Season 2 Updates.


On the forum, shippo-lover asked director Brad Goodchild about the progress for Season 2 of 'Class of the Titans' so far. We've previously reported that Mr. Goodchild unofficially announced the second season would happen back in March 2006, and that we won't see the new episodes until September 2007 at the earliest. We've now got a rough timeline for production (as of this point in time), as well as more spoilers regarding returning characters (in addition to the previous report of an appearance by some incarnation of Adonis):

1. Four scripts have reportedly been approved for production. This is in addition to a number of script outlines that have not gone through a formal scripting process yet, but will now that Teletoon has approved them.

2. Storyboarding will start at the end of June.

3. First voice recordings will commence later in June, around June 28.

After that, Season 2 will reportedly go into full production. Production artwork may be posted in the future once that stage has been reached, so keep an eye out on the forum and Brad's Corner for those, if the official studio blog isn't up by then.

As for returning characters, Mr. Goodchild's staying mum on that for the most part so the season will still have plenty of surprises for fans, but he did mention that we can expect to see Pan (aka Phil/DJ Panic) and Polyphemus again.

Over and out. Spoilers end here.

Official Studio Weblog Coming Soon.

In addition to this fan-run blog and Brad's Corner, Studio B Productions will be establishing its own official blog soon, so says director Brad Goodchild. If it gets going, it will feature some very interesting material, so be sure to look-out for that. When it's up, we'll definitely post the link to the site here.

'Brad's Corner' Updates With a New Ad Mock-Up.

Director Brad Goodchild has since taken down screencaps for various 'Class of the Titans' episodes from his blog, but as promised, he's also put up a new piece of exclusive artwork.

Ever been interested in the process behind designing promotional artwork for a show? Mr. Goodchild has posted up a mock-up of a new piece of promotional artwork featuring the Hover Jet, various, monsters, a leering Cronus, and -- of course -- your favourite seven heroes.

Remember that most material on the blog will only be available for viewing for a limited period of time, so take a look while you can.

EDIT (8:11PM EST): Another possible ad design has been uploaded as well, as well as a new team image, making a total of three new pieces of exclusive studio artwork available for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

'Episodes 1.01-1.03: Chaos 101' Re-Airing Next Saturday.

Didn't catch the 'Class of the Titans' show premiere on New Year's Eve? Then missed it again when it re-aired in February? No problem, as Episodes 1.01-1.03: Chaos 101 -- all three parts of it -- will be aired again next Saturday May 13, 2006 on Teletoon as a Cinetoon presentation, starting at 5:00PM and running for one-and-a-half to two hours.

Thanks to princesspeach45 on the forum for the tip-off.

Theresa is Running for Mayor.

For those of you who take active part in the community at Teletoon's website, there is currently an election underway for a new site mayor. There are four candidates running, including Theresa from 'Class of the Titans' under the following platform:
She's the Class of the Titans' fighter and she's ready to defend our world against any sort of invasions. Be prepared for more fighting and battle games with Theresa!

At present, Theresa is in the lead and results won't be announced until May 29, 2006. In order to vote, you must be registered with the website, and you may vote only once a day.

Don't forget that the 'Class of the Titans' section on also features exclusive material, such as official images, video clips, and a show-themed chess game.

EDIT (July 7, 2006; 1:26AM): I forgot to announce this ages ago, and for that, I'm very sorry -- Theresa did win the race for mayor, as I'm sure everybody knows at this point. Thanks.

Season 2 is Good to Go, and You Can Help!

On March 31, 2006, Director Brad Goodchild announced on the 'Class of the Titans' forum that work on Season 2 had begun, though there is still no official word from Studio B Productions yet in the form of a company press release. Scripts have apparently been submitted at this point, and Mr. Goodchild also mentioned that one future episode (DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED) about Neil will also feature Adonis (for those of you unfamiliar with Greek mythology, he was the favourite companion of Aphrodite).

When's Season 2 going to air its first episode? Not until September 2007 at least.

If you're interested in offering feedback and suggestions to the creative team, Director Brad Goodchild does read the forum for the show. Such comments should be specifically directed at the feedback thread, to keep things organized.

As for whether the supposed go-ahead for Season 2 means a Season 1 DVD will be released soon, don't hold your breath. To quote Mr. Goodchild from the forum:
Your guess is good as mine as I keep asking the same question here at the Studio...since its a partnership deal we will have to wait and see. I keep telling everyone that the FANS want DVD's...I am trying guys.

Stay tuned for more Season 2 news as pre-production continues.

'Class of the Titans' Goes International.

'Class of the Titans' may have first aired in Canada on December 31, 2005 as a Teletoon Cinetoon special, but show has since been aired internationally.

Episode 1.01: Chaos 101 aired in Australia on April 18, 2006 as part of ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) TV's Roller Coaster. The show receieved a favourable 3 out of 4 stars in 'Television', April 16-22, 2006 edition (a scanned copy of the article was posted in the director's blog), with the following opening comments:
How refreshing it is to see an animated series for children which doesn't treat its audience like morons. As well as being fabulously well illustrated, this Canadian series reveals a level of sophistication rarely seen at this hour of the day. The show deftly combines a wry sense of humour with Greek mythology and teen angst in a high school setting. And, as strange a marriage as it sounds, it works surprisingly well.

The remaining schedule for May can be viewed here.

On the European front through LUC, the show debuted in Portugal (via Jetix) in May and will be aired Mondays to Friday at 11:30AM and 6:00PM. According to Director Brad Goodchild, Spain and possibly Latin America have also picked-up the show, and Thailand has apparently expressed an interest as well, though those aren't completely confirmed at this point

No word yet, official or otherwise, on securing the American rights to the show, though if that's ever accomplished, it will be through Nelvana.

If you have any news yourself about 'Class of the Titans' going international (ie. you've seen the show in your home country and it wasn't mentioned in this entry), please feel free to send an e-mail to about it.

Holiday Episodes On-Hold.

Have you ever wondered why Teletoon skipped over Episode 1.08: See You at the Crossroads and Episode 1.18: Bows and Eros? Director Brad Goodchild has the answer (originally posted here):
Originally the series was to have started airing last September but they decided to wait until New Years Eve to premiere in connection with the show as its supposed to start on New Years Eve. The Halloween show CrossRoads would have been seen at Halloween and this past Valentines Day Bows and Eros would have played.

Keep an eye out for those two holiday special episodes to finally air this upcoming Hallowe'en and Valentine's Day.

'Episode 1.23: Cronus' Flying Circus' Draft Script.

Episode 1.23: Cronus' Flying Circus may have aired last Wednesday, but an early draft script by writer Leslie Mildiner has been available on his website for quite some time now. Have fun comparing it with the finished episode, and don't forget to check the rest of his website for more examples of his writing.

Exclusive Stills and Production Artwork.

'Class of the Titans' director Brad Goodchild has been keeping a blog about production on the show since mid-February. If you're interested in getting 'sneak peeks' at what's going on at the studio -- screencaps of unaired episodes, character models and construction sheets, etc. -- 'Brad's Corner' is the place to be.

However, please be aware that each set of exclusive material is only available for a limited period of time, generally two weeks, before new material replaced it. Screencaps for Episode 1.18: Bows and Eros and Episode 1.19: Road to Hades have since been removed, as well as numerous character model sheets for the Olympian gods.

The images that is currently up at the time of this posting will be replaced with news ones in less than a week.

Please take note of the copyright information on the blog regarding the images, and please don't pester people who may have saved the original images to distribute them to you.


Due to the fact that I've begun this newsblog so long after the show premiered on December 31, 2005, the first several news items will be old news that I am simply backlogging here for archival purposes. For some of your reading this, they might be news to you, so enjoy.

If you yourself have come across any interesting 'Class of the Titans' news, please e-mail me at If it's something I hadn't yet come across, you will be credited with the finding.

Thank you.

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