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Friday, October 27, 2006

'See You at the Crossroads' Screencaps and More at 'Brad's Corner'.

Despite technical difficulties earlier, director Brad Goodchild has finally posted the promised Friday surprise to his blog -- screencaps from the recently premiered (in Canada) Episode 1.08: See You at the Crossroads, a whole week early!

Remember, if you missed the episode's Canadian premiere earlier this week, you can catch it again this weekend and on Hallowe'en morning. For a full list of the dates and times, please refer to this entry.

Also included for fans is a special Hallowe'en card of sorts featuring the kids in their costumes from Episode 1.07: Antikythera Device.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Big Surpise Coming-Up at 'Brad's Corner' This Friday?

First off, for all you 'Class of the Titans' shippers (ie. fans who support certain romantic pairings) -- and we all know there are tons of you guys out there -- director Brad Goodchild has posted an interesting collage of three screencaps to his blog, all of which depict kissing scenes from the show. Jay/Theresa, Archie/Atlanta, and Herry/Thalia are all included, so if you're a fan of any of those pairings, check it out. And even if you don't like them, take a look anyway.

More interesting, however, is the announcement that's posted in the same entry -- apparently, there's a big mind-blowing surprise coming-up on the blog this Friday October 27, 2006.

What's it going to be? Will it be new artwork? More Season Two news? The official show website and blog finally being launched after so many months? We don't know, and Mr. Goodchild isn't giving any hints about it, so have fun guessing and being blown away come the end of this week.

EDIT (October 25; 7:58PM): An additional kissing screencaps collage has been posted to account for Neil and Odie.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

REMINDER: 'See You at the Crossroads' Premiering on Teletoon Tomorrow.

Canadian 'Class of the Titans' fans, this is one of the moments you've been waiting for -- Episode 1.08: See You at the Crossroads, the special Hallowe'en episode that was originally supposed to air in October 2005 if the show had originally debuted in September 2005, will premiere on Canada's Teletoon on October 22, 2006 (tomorrow) at 6:30PM ET/PT.

If you cannot watch this particular airing of the episode, do not despair! Teletoon will be re-airing the episode three more times after the premiere, up to and including Hallowe'en on October 31. For more information about the specific air-times and dates for these re-runs, please check the listings posted some time ago.

As an extra pre-premiere bonus, director Brad Goodchild also posted another teaser screencap earlier this week for fans as part of a countdown to the episode's Canadian premiere.

Friday, October 20, 2006

'Field of Nightmares' Screencaps and Season Two News at 'Brad's Corner'.

Director Brad Goodchild has posted screencaps from Episode 1.11: Field of Nightmares to his blog for this week's Friday update.

As for the next round, expect screencaps from Episode 1.08: See You at the Crossroads in two week's time on November 3, 2006.

On the Season Two front, Mr. Goodchild also announced that the first show of the season was FedExed to Top Draw Animation -- Studio B's collaborator for 'Class of the Titans' in the Philippines -- as of today, and that the studio is aiming to ship-out episodes to the other studio every ten or so days.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Jetix TV Mexico's 'Class of the Titans' Site Goes Online with Tons of Bonus Features.

Jetix TV (official website here), which distributes 'Class of the Titans' in Mexico and Central America (as 'Academia de Titanes'), seems to have recently launched a site for the show with tons of neat bonus features.

Please note that all of the features are in Spanish, though given that both Spanish and English vocabularies are derived from Latin, English-speakers should be able to figure out the gist of the content.

Just to give a brief run-down, some of the special features include the following:
  • A basic run-down of the show's story (Historia) and its characters (Personajes), the latter of which is much more detailed than on The show's Jetix TV air-times are also posted (Horarios). If you have the sound on, you can also hear a Spanish voiceover of the opening titles.

  • A small image gallery (Fotos), including some new images never before seen on an English-based website, and a video clip (Video) of the show's Jetix TV trailer, including Spanish voiceovers for the characters. You can also send a 'Class of the Titans' e-card (E-Cards) if you so wish, though the greeting will be in Spanish.

  • Nine wallpapers for you computer desktop, including one featuring the exclusive holiday artwork director Brad Goodchild drew and posted to his blog a long time ago (no longer archived). All of the wallpapers are available in both 800x600 and 1024x768 sizes.

  • A downloadable screensaver. This is currently only available for those running on PCs, and you need WinZip installed in order to be able to use it.

  • A new Flash-based game, starring Neil. It's titled 'Los Tesoros del Olimpo' ('The Treasures of Olympus') and, from what we've played, it seems to involve having Neil jump onto platforms to collect various items while you have to avoid falling-off into the bottom of the screen (though if you do 'die', Neil screams). It goes along very nicely with's Flash-based chess game.

Many thanks to Ana LucĂ­a from Mexico for the heads-up! So if you have time during the next while to spare, be sure to check-out the site for all the amazing images and downloadable goodies! If you run into problems with translations, we personally highly recommend to solve your language woes and needs.

Friday, October 13, 2006

'Little Box of Horrors' Full-Colour Background Keys at 'Brad's Corner'.

As a special sort of Friday update, director Brad Goodchild has posted several full-colour background keys from Episode 1.13: Little Box of Horrors to his blog as a precursor to an upcoming screencap update with shots from the episode. Locations this time include Troy, the water reservoir, an ancient Greek temple, and night-shots of Hera's aviary (with and without a balcony), Chiron's study, and the entrance of Olympus High School.

Many of the images posted have been posted before as black-and-white lineart, so if you look through the blog's archives, you should be able to find some of them for comparison.

Also -- because many people seem to be forgetting -- please do not use the images for anything other than personal viewing, even if you credit the site. It could mean the blog being shut-down, as Mr. Goodchild explains here.

Mr. Goodchild has also posted many interesting and insightful thoughts about background colouring in animation at the entry explaining the background keys, so please take a look at that as well.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

New Themes at the 'Class of the Titans' Music MySpace.

Coming in a day early are three new musical pieces at the 'Class of the Titans' MySpace maintained by composer Michael Richard Plowman. Check it out right now for three new pieces of music from the show titled 'Extreme Suspense', 'Titans Chase', and 'Cool Battle'.

As usual, last week's three files have been taken down. No word yet on whether those will ever be re-posted later.

EDIT (October 13; 6:55PM): Director Brad Goodchild has posted a notice about the new music at his blog along with another banner made from an Episode 1.08: See You at the Crossroads screencap.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

'See You at the Crossroads' Previews Now Airing on Teletoon.

A number of 'Class of the Titans' fans have been reporting that they've seen ads for the premiere of Episode 1.08: See You at the Crossroads on Canada's Teletoon.

As we here at the newsblog don't currently have access to the channel, we can't confirm it ourselves, though from the number of reports that are coming in, it's safe to say to watch-out for the ads from now until the episode first airs on October 22, 2006 at 6:30PM.

Also of note is that director Brad Goodchild posted another teaser screencap from the episode to his blog yesterday (Tuesday).

Monday, October 09, 2006

REMINDER: Season One Finale to Air in Australia Tomorrow.

As noted earlier, Episode 1.26: Time After Time, the Season One finale for 'Class of the Titans', will be airing on Australia's ABC TV tomorrow -- Tuesday October 10, 2006 -- at 4:59PM.

If you cannot catch the premiere of the season finale then, ABC2 will also be airing the episode on Wednesday October 18, 2006 at 6:00PM.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Three New Themes at the 'Class of the Titans' Music MySpace.

If you have the account listed as a friend or have been following director Brad Goodchild's blog today (complete with a bonus screencap), you may be aware that as per usual on Fridays, composer Michael Richard Plowman has once again uploaded three new musical themes to the show's MySpace -- for this week, check-out the pieces titled 'Battle', 'The Team', and 'Back in Time'.

Given the titles, it's quite possible that two of these files are re-posts from an earlier update where selections from Episode 1.26: Time After Time were posted. However, as we are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the player, we can't confirm that yet.

As per usual, the last week's music from Episode 1.05: The Nature of Things has been removed. The current policy regarding listening and downloading seems to be that downloading is no longer allowed, hence why it's no longer possible even though it was an option before the account went down temporarily a few weeks ago.

EDIT (October 9; 4:17AM): Our technical difficulties have finally been resolved, and we can confirm that the only new musical selection on Friday was 'The Team'. The other two pieces have been posted before, as mentioned above.

'Mazed and Confused' Screencaps at 'Brad's Corner'.

For this week's Screencaps Friday, director Brad Goodchild has posted a number of especially fantastic screencaps from Episode 1.10: Mazed and Confused to his blog. Be sure to read the entry containing the title card for some interesting thoughts of his on the episode's animation, as well as some comments on this coming Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

Also noted briefly in the same entry is that Screencap Fridays at the blog will now be biweekly (ie. every other Friday) instead of weekly, so expect the next set of images two weeks from today.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Special 'Class of the Titans' October 2006 Calendar Available at 'Brad's Corner'.

As an extra blog bonus, director Brad Goodchild has compiled an October 2006 calendar with a 'Class of the Titans' theme for fans to download and print-out especially for counting-down the days until the Canadian premiere of Episode 1.08: See You at the Crossroads on October 22, 2006.

The calendar itself contains a number of screenshots and images from the episode itself -- including the title card marking the premiere date -- so if you don't want to be spoiled, you may not want to take a look at it yet. Otherwise, fans are allowed to use it and as always, if you like what you see, commenting on the entry is encouraged.

'See You at the Crossroads' to Air FOUR Times on Teletoon This Month.

Earlier this week, we announced that Teletoon had finally publicly released information about the Canadian premiere of Episode 1.08: See You at the Crossroads, which will first be shown on Sunday October 22, 2006 at 6:30PM ET/PT.

At the same time, Teletoon updated their website to promote their special Hallowe'en-themed programming, complete with Cronus on the front page advertising the annual '13 Days of Halloween' (you may have to refresh the page to see him). If you click on the image, you'll notice that there's information there and on another PDF schedule that reveals that Teletoon will be airing Episode 1.08: See You at the Crossroads more than once at the end of this month.

Due to discrepancies in when these extra airings will actually be, we e-mailed the site for more information and are pleased to announced that Teletoon audience relations co-cordinator Julie Benoit has informed us that the episode will be aired FOUR times during the following dates and times, all of which are outside of the show's usual timeslots:
  • Sunday October 22, 2006 -- 6:30PM ET/PT
  • Saturday October 28, 2006 -- 9:30AM ET/PT
  • Sunday October 29, 2006 -- 4:30PM ET/PT
  • Tuesday October 31, 2006 -- 8:00AM ET/PT

So, if you miss-out on the premiere, there are at least three more times you can catch the episode! No word yet on whether the episode will become part of the show's regular re-run schedule, but given when Teletoon usually airs holiday specials, it's very doubtful this episode will be shown outside of October.

'Class of the Titans' Goes International Again as 'Classe des Titans' in France.

Much 'Class of the Titans' news has a bad habit of not appearing in Google search results until many months after their original posting dates, and this is no exception.

We are, however, very pleased to report that the show continues to expand internationally -- an article in KidScreen Magazine from September 1, 2006 that just appeared in our daily news searches announces on the second page that France started airing the cartoon on Nickelodeon France (official website here) this fall.

Due to the lateness of this news, we're not entirely sure when 'Class of the Titans' -- which is aired in France as 'Classe des Titans' -- premiered in the country. However, from viewing the daily TV listings on Nick France's official website, we can conclude that episodes air three times a week -- Mondays at 9:45PM, Wednesdays at 9:40AM, and Saturdays at 9:40AM. Welcome to the fold!

On a broader international front, 'Class of the Titans' -- so far as we are aware -- is now currently airing or has been aired at some point in Canada, Australia, Mexico and Central America, Singapore, South Africa, Portugal, France, and possibly other European countries as well as maybe the Philippines. At present, it also seems like there's still no distributor in the US who's bought the rights to air the show in the States yet, unfortunately, but we'll continue keeping track of the show's international exploits.

EDIT (2:27AM): In order to read the article we linked to above, you may have to register for a free account with the website.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Three New Season Two Background Keys at 'Brad's Corner'.


As a special late Tueday posting yesterday, director Brad Goodchild posted three new full-colour background keys from Season Two of 'Class of the Titans' to his blog.

The middle image is the night version of the new establishing shot of Olympus High School, for which a coloured day version was posted here. And like the older blog entry, this new one also features two new views of locations in the Underworld -- the top image is of the boundary between the Elysian Fields and the rest of Hades, while the bottom one is of Hypnos' cave.

For those of you unfamiliar with Hypnos, he is the mythological Greek personification of sleep, as well as the brother of Thanatos, ie. (gentle) death. He is sometimes associated with the River Lethe, one of the many rivers in the Underworld -- Lethe's particular dominion is forgetfulness, so if you've been keeping track of the Season Two teasers Mr. Goodchild has been posting, you may be able to make a good guess about which episode these new Underworld locations are for.

As usual with Season Two news, we will update our affiliated Season Two news summary with the new information and links to the blog entry containing the images, as well as our guesses about how this ties into the aforementioned Season Two episode. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the computer that has both the files and our FTP programs, so please be patient.

Monday, October 02, 2006

'TELETOON Insider' Feature Screenshot Posted at 'Brad's Corner'.

Yesterday, we announced that Canada's Teletoon had finally made their first official announcement about the special Hallowe'en airing of Episode 1.08: See You at the Crossroads in the October 2006 edition of their 'TELETOON Insider' newsletter.

At the time, we only provided the text of the feature as a quote, but director Brad Goodchild has now posted a screenshot of the article to his blog. So for those of you who aren't subscribed to the newsletter, you can read and see the feature for yourself there.

The entry also contains the not-so-weekly episode screencaps posting schedule for the next week updates -- Episode 1.10: Mazed and Confused will be on October 6, 2006 with a mystery episode (most likely Episode 1.11: Field of Nightmares) on October 20, 2006. Episode 1.08: See You at the Crossroads screencaps will apparently be up on November 3, 2006, shortly after the episode's Canadian premiere. But read the entry itself for Mr. Goodchild's own words.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

First Public Announcement on Teletoon's Air-Date for 'See You at the Crossroads'.

Back in August, we first got fans the inside scoop on the air-date for Episode 1.08: See You at the Crossroads on Canada's Teletoon courtesy of Teletoon audience relation co-ordinator Daniel Charbonneau. For our original announcement, an explanation on why the episode didn't air during Season One's first Canadian run, and the current status for Episode 1.18: Bows and Eros, please see the original entry that is linked above.

Today, Teletoon e-mailed the October 2006 edition of 'TELETOON Insider' -- their monthly newsletter -- to subscribers with lots of news about their Hallowe'en-themed programs. 'Class of the Titans' fans will be especially pleased to hear that the show is the star of the newsletter this month and featured under the 'Focus' section with the first official announcement about Episode 1.08: See You at the Crossroads:
You asked for it and it's finally here; Class of the Titans -- See You at the Crossroads! When a bad moon rises on All Hallows' Eve, Hecate, the Queen of the Dead tries some tricks that are no treat for the gang! Catch the TELETOON premiere of this Halloween episode on October 22 at 6:30pm*.

*All times listed in ET/PT.

Only newsletter subscribers have access to the material through their e-mail inboxes, so we're afraid we cannot provide a link to it. However, if you would like to receive news like this from Teletoon yourself, you get the publications sent to you by going to the Teletoon website and clicking on 'Talk' -- from there, you can select the menu item for the 'TELETOON Insider' and sign-up.