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Sunday, September 09, 2007

REMINDER: Season Two of 'Class of the Titans' to Air TODAY.

Unfortunately, we at the newsblog are still really slow to get started up again on account of too much real-life stuff still going on -- and we do understand that we've got a HUGE backlog right now -- but here's a quick post to show we're still alive and to mark what must be the BIGGEST 'Class of the Titans' event since the premiere.

As noted by digital producer Sandra at Brad's Corner, the first episode of Season Two (not counting the special preview last month) will be aired today -- Sunday September 9, 2007 -- at 9:00AM and 3:30PM on the English version of Teletoon, and at 9:30AM on the French counterpart.

We hope everyone enjoys the episode we've all waited so long for! And we the newsblog will try to keep up better from now on, though please note that over the last while, we'll be posting about a lot of older material -- we'll clearly mark these posts with BACKLOG in the title. Thanks!