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Friday, June 30, 2006

Archie and Herry Screencaps at 'Brad's Corner'. And a Surprise!

It's Friday, which means time for another set of requests fulfilled at director Brad Goodchild's blog -- this time, there's an impressive forty-seven (if I did the math right) screencaps up, plus a little holiday message. Go and take a look at some fantastic screencaps of Archie from Episode 1.02: Chaos 102, as well many images of Herry, Hercules, Ladon (ie. the dragon guarding the Garden of the Hesperides), the Lernean Hydra, and the Nemean Lion from Episode 1.21: Labour Day.

As a bonus surprise, and because it's a long weekend for Canadians (Happy Canada Day one day early, by the way), screencaps of the main seven kids from the opening titles are also available for your viewing pleasure.

New blog material will resume being posted on-schedule next week. Have a safe holiday weekend for those of you who will be celebrating.

Season One Finale to Air in Singapore Next Monday.

Singaporean fans of 'Class of the Titans' are probably familiar enough with their schedule of one new episode per weekday during June, but if not -- Episode 1.26: Time After Time, the Season One finale, will air on Monday July 3, 2006 during the show's usual 5:30-6:00PM timeslot on Kids Central.

After the airing of the season finale, Kids Central will resume airing episodes of SpongeBob Squarepants during the same timeslot, just as they did prior to their June Holiday Special.

As this newsblog tends is based on Canada and maintained by a Canadian fan, any international (ie. non-Canadian) news would be much appreciated, especially we don't know where to find it much of the time. If you have a heads-up on anything, please feel free to e-mail us at to let us know, and we'll try to get it up on the blog here. Thanks!

REMINDER: 'Chaos 101' Re-Airing on Teletoon Tomorrow.

For you Canadian 'Class of the Titans' fans out there, Episodes 1.01-1.03: Chaos 101, the show's three-part pilot, will be re-airing July 1, 2006 (ie. tomorrow) during the 5:00-6:30PM timeslot as a Teletoon Cinetoon presentation.

If you've missed it the last few times, are a new fan who's never seen the first episodes that started it all, or simply want to re-watch it, this is a great chance to do so. And hey, why not celebrate Canada Day with a bit of quality Canadian animation -- though to be entirely fair, considerable work on the show is also done in the Phillipines by Top Draw Animation.

Thanks to FlashSilverwing of the forum for the original heads-up way back in the day.

Behind-the-Scenes at 'Brad's Corner'.

Ever been interested in the production and procedures behind 'Class of the Titans' and the animation industry in general? Director Brad Goodchild has uploaded a photograph of a mere half of the storyboard (prior to revision) for Episode 1.13: Little Box of Horrors to his blog. Check it out for a real eye-opener about the work that goes on behind-the-scenes of the show.

For those of you interested in seeing more photographs of the crew behind the cartoon, there's also a new photograph of Mr. Goodchild with Chris Bartleman, who is, among many things, the creator of the show, a partner and founder of Studio B Productions, and so on.

Stay tuned later today for Friday's big requests update. Expect some unexpected surprises too.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Voice Recording Session Photographs on 'Brad's Corner'.

'Class of the Titans' director Brad Goodchild has recently uploaded some photographs taken during yesterday's recording session for the first episode of Season Two to his blog. In addition to a few of himself, you can also check-out some great shots of voice actors Kirby Morrow (Jay), Doron Bell Jr. (Odie), Ty Olsson (Herry), Sarah Edmundson (the new Atlanta), Sam Vincent (Archie), Ted Cole (Neil), Trevor Devall (Apollo and Hades), and Brian Drummond (Hermes, Hephaestus, and the Oracle).

Check the file names to see who is in which photographs. And have fun speculating on what Episode 2.01 is about, given the voice actors who are present in the photographs from the first voice recording session.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Well-Wishes for Meghan Black.

Though there is no guarentee than voice actor Meghan Black (Atlanta) will see your posts directly, there is currently a thread at the forum where other fans are leaving well-wishes for her and her health here, if you'd like to leave a message. As reported earlier, Ms. Black is currently facing personal health problems wherein she unfortunately cannot continue voice acting on the show.

Again, it's highly likely that she won't read them directly, though director Brad Goodchild will, according to a post in the thread, let her know that her fans are thinking about her as she is recovering.

If you would also like more information on the online charity foundation that helped raise money for Ms. Black's treatment, there is an entire article about her own successful campaign here from October 18, 2005. You can also take a look at GiveMeaning's official website here.

We also ask that in the thread, please be respectful of Sarah Edmundson, the new voice actor who is replacing Ms. Black. It is certainly difficult for someone to take the place of a popular and established previous actor on a popular show, so please make her feel welcome as well.

New Voice Actor Casted for Atlanta.

In addition to what was reported earlier, director Brad Goodchild now has more news about today's voice recording for Episode 2.01 up on his blog. Keep watching the blog for further updates on Season Two production.

The big news as mentioned in the new update, however, is that a new voice actor has been casted for Atlanta. The original actor, Meghan Black, had to leave unfortunately because of personal problems, and Sarah Edmundson has been casted in her place. According to Mr. Goodchild, fans have nothing to worry about -- she's great, and we won't be able to tell that there was a recasting.

As of yet, we've been unable to find more information about Ms. Edmundson, but we'll keep you posted as information surfaces. There may also be a more official announcement about the recasting later, and if that's the case, we will keep you all psoted about it.

EDIT (5:38PM): Just to clarify the 'personal problems' with regards to Ms. Black concern health issues. So far as we know, it has nothing to do with being fired, cast/crew conflicts, etc. Thank you for understanding.

The Blinding of Polyphemus at 'Brad's Corner'.

As per the new posting schedule, director Brad Goodchild has just uploaded more new material on his blog. This time, there are screenshots from Episode 1.17: Eye for an Eye, which recounts the blinding of Polyphemus by Odysseus and his crew, as originally told in Book Nine of The Odyssey.

Along a similiar vein, the ancient style in which the story was retold in the episode may be used again for future retellings of myths in upcoming episodes.

Also, as reported vaguely earlier, the new policy in terms of how long material will be kept up on the blog has changed -- for now, screencaps and model sheets won't be taken down every two weeks and will instead be archived regularly. However, some material may still be removed every once in awhile to keep the blog from being too big, memory-wise.

Season Two Voice Recording Begins Today.

Production on the second season of 'Class of the Titans' continues as, according to director Brad Goodchild, the cast is back together today for the first voice recording of Episode 2.01. No word yet on what the contents of that particular episode will be yet.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

'Episode 1.05: The Nature of Things' Screencaps at 'Brad's Corner'.

Though it's not yet Wednesday, director Brad Goodchild has three entries' worth of new material on his blog today. All of the screencaps are from Episode 1.05: The Nature of Things and are primarily of Pan (aka Phil), though there are also a few of the three-headed plant monster, Persephone, and Atlanta.

Monday, June 26, 2006

New Posting Schedule and More Character Models at 'Brad's Corner'.

Director Brad Goodchild now has a new posting schedule for requested material on his blog -- while it's not a guarenteed or strict schedule, he will try to post new screencaps and model sheets three times a week on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays, generally going in the order things were requested in on the forum. Please be patient in waiting for your request to be fulfilled.

Meanwhile, Mr. Goodchild has posted many new character models sheets for various characters and creatures today. Check-out some awesome artwork of Apollo, Athena, Ares, Hephaestus, Cronus, and the Oracle for the immortals, as well as the Moray Eel, Manticore, Griffin, Giant Ant, Scylla, and the Seeper on the monster side of things.

EDIT (June 27; 6:07AM): In addition to the new posting schedule, Mr. Goodchild may change his policy of taking down old material every two weeks and opt instead to leaving the requests up as they are archived. This isn't guarenteed at this point yet though.

Also, if an official show blog eventually goes online, you may get to see other content that wouldn't normally go up on Mr. Goodchild's blog. Keep an eye out for an official announcement about that sometime in the future.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Calling All 'Class of the Titans' Fans -- Especially International Ones!

Ever wanted to give back to Studio B Productions and the creative team behind 'Class of the Titans' to thank them for such an awesome show? Now's your chance!

According to director Brad Goodchild, the studio is looking for fans of the show to submit short (ie. two or three lines) reviews of the show. Slightly longer reviews are all right as well, though know that they may have to be edited for length. These will eventually be used for a promotional package for the studio to use in pitching the show to distributors around the world. Right now, they are especially focused on getting the show aired in the US.

Since one of the main purposes of including fan reviews is to show that 'Class of the Titans' appeals to a wide audience, reviews from international fans (ie. Australia, Singapore, Central America, etc.) are especially welcome, in addition to ones from Canadian fans.

If you would like more information about helping with this endeavour, please see this topic for more information from director Brad Goodchild himself. Basically, if you do send-in a review, it goes to Cassandra Evans, who handles Studio B's marketing, at with Titans Review as the subject header. And tell her director Brad Goodchild sent you.

If you have any questions, please leave them here. If you don't have a account, e-mail me at and I will forward your inquiry. Thanks!

EDIT (6:25PM): Important additional note -- when submitting your fan reviews, please sign the review with your real name, age, and country. Thanks.

Also, tell your friends to submit reviews to by linking them to either this entry or the director's original call for them.

EDIT (11:15PM): 4evayoung recently got a confirmation e-mail back from Cassandra Evans asking for permission to use her first name, age, and country for the aforemention promotional material. Thanks for the heads-up!

'Class of the Titans' FAQ Update.

LostExperiment has recently updated the show's unofficial FAQ with a number of new additions, including in-depth answers to two questions recently asked of director Brad Goodchild.

As usual, if you would like to ask the director a question, please see here for the rules and procedure. You do not need a account in order to ask a questions.

Also, please be patient in me getting back to you about either questions for the director or this newsblog. I've been getting quite a few e-mails about various things lately, and it will take me some time to reply to them all. Thanks for understanding.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Three-Part Season One Pilot Re-Airing Twice Next Week on Teletoon.

Missed out on Episodes 1.01-1.03: Chaos 101 the last few times it's aired? Never fear, as if you're in Canada, Teletoon will be re-airing the episodes twice next week!

Each episode of the three-part pilot will air during the show's regular 7:30-8:00PM slot on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday between June 26-28, 2006, with one episode per day and airing in order. This has been confirmed by the TV listings at, which has consistently been correct about which episodes have aired in the past.

The entire pilot will also be re-airing in its entirety as a movie during Teletoon's Cinetoon event on Saturday July 1, 2006 at 5:00PM as part of its Canada Day special.

Thanks to volleyball4eva and FlashSilverwing respectively at the forum for the heads-ups.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Even More Screencap Requests Fulfilled at 'Brad's Corner'.

Director Brad Goodchild's blog is certainly the gift that keeps on giving, as there are even more screencaps up today in response to specific fan requests.

This time around, there's artwork of Hermes' Communications Room from different angles, as well as screencaps from Episode 1.03: Chaos 103, Episode 1.12: Prisoner Campe, and a couple of shots of the Techno-Greeks from Episode 1.22: They Might Be G.I. Ants.

Enjoy! And continue keeping an eye out for further updates at the blog.

EDIT (6:21PM): Since this update, several new screencaps have been added. If you're a fan of Theresa and Neil as a pairing, check-out the new screencaps from Episode 1.05: The Nature of Things.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

More Minor Season Two News.


Director Brad Goodchild's let the forum in on a secret or two about the upcoming second season of 'Class of the Titans'. In response to earlier fan feedback about the show, one of the characters for a particular episode will be an Asian female. As stated by Mr. Goodchild himself:

I just thought that I would let you in on a wee an upcoming show I decided to make one of the characters an Asian girl. She won't be a descendent type character but plays a major role in the one show. She will be lots of fun. After reading all of the forum things several of you mentioned we should have an Asian person. We like to mix things up here and show a diversity of characters. I can't tell you anymore, you'll just have to wait and see next season.

Also, the wordplay episode titles of Season One will continue in Season Two. One such title will be 'Graes Anatomy'. If that doesn't sound familiar mythology-wise, think of the myth of Perseus and how he discovered the location of the Gorgons' lair.

End spoilers, over and out.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Heroic Efforts Continue at 'Brad's Corner'.

Still honouring his agreement and open call for requests, 'Class of the Titans' director Brad Goodchild has updated his blog yet again with more especially requested material.

If you're a big fan of the original ancient Greek heroes, you won't want to miss out on this latest set of material. In addition to screencaps of the heroes from the opening titles and shots of the Trojan War as viewed on Odie's computer in Episode 1.06: Trojan Horse, there are also exclusive character model sheets of Jason, Odysseus, Theseus, and Achilles, as designed by lead designer Kenny Park.

As usual, please remember that blog material is only ever up for a limited period of time before being replaced with newer artwork and screencaps.

'Episode 1.18: Bows and Eros' to Air in Singapore First.

According to the daily TV listings at Singapore's Kids Central website (which change everyday), Episode 1.18: Bows and Eros aired there today on June 21, 2006. This is well before the episode will finally air, most likely as a Valentine's Day special, in February 2007, and even before Australia will get it several weeks later this year, making Singapore most likely the first to air it.

If you are a Singaporean fan reading this newsblog and would like to contribute a summary of the episode, please e-mail us at and we will provide a link here to it, with full credits.

'Class of the Titans' Airing in Singpore.

'Class of the Titans' continues to go international, as the show has begun airing in Singapore on Kids Central as of May 29, 2006 as part of their June Holiday Special, specifically the Awesome Action Weekdays part.

So if you're in Singapore, check the show out every weekday in June. Unlike the other countries the show has been aired in, Kids Central shows a new episode every weekday during the 5:30-6:00PM timeslot.

Also, if you are currently living in a country that has recently been airing 'Class of the Titans' and that country isn't Canada, Australia, Singapore, or in Central America, please e-mail us at to let us know!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Production on Season Two Has Begun. Official Blog Coming Soon Too.

According to 'Class of the Titans' director Brad Goodchild, the show's crew has finally come back together to begin working on episodes for Season Two, as per timelines reported earlier here. There's also more information about what's currently going-on at Brad's Corner (or go here to read the update directly), which will also be featuring weekly updates about production as it continues.

Both links above contain all the information you need to know right now, but here's also a summary in one place (which we won't do most of the time if all the information can be found in one link):

  • The first voice recording session will be held next week. The first shipment going out to the Phillipines (where parts of the show are also produced) will be sent out in late autumn this year, and pencil test footage will be out sixteen weeks following that. The last episode probably won't be delivered until December 2007.

  • Don't hold your breath for any previews or sneak peeks in the manner of video clips before the second season officially airs. However, Mr. Goodchild may be able to show some pre-designs for the duration.

  • In-line with how the later episodes of Season One improved over their earlier counterparts, Season Two will also have a slightly differently look to it. What that will be exactly remains a mystery.

  • As with Season One, Season Two will also feature twenty-six episodes. No official word yet on whether any of them will make-up a multi-part story like 'Chaos 101' did.

Again, it's best to check-out the original links themselves for information straight from the source.

Also, as reported earlier, Studio B Productions is also working on their own official 'Class of the Titans' blog, which is currently being finished. Keep an eye out at the forum and the studio's website for the official announcement.

More Monsters, Neil's Costumes, and Screencaps at 'Brad's Corner'. Requests Also Now Accepted.

Since the last time director Brad Goodchild updated his blog, there's been much more new material added. Lookout for character sheets of the Sirens and Kraken, Neil in his manycostumes, and screencaps of Arachne and Theresa/Eurydice.

Are there screencaps of certain episodes you'd like to see posted in the future? Mr. Goodchild is now taking requests from fans. So if there's something you want to see, please go here to make your request.

We ask that you please be reasonable, polite, and patient when making your requests there. Thank you.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Voice Actor Headshots at 'Brad's Corner'.

In addition to uploading new images of a dragon, Hera's phoenix-form, the Lernean Hydra, Hecate, and an otherworldly owl to his blog, director Brad Goodchild has also now uploaded headshots of the main and supporting voice actors for 'Class of the Titans', along with artwork of their respective characters. So if you've ever wanted to know what the cast looks like, check it out!

Also, please remember that material is always only available for viewing for a limited period of time, and that the images are property of Studio B Productions and for viewing purposes only.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Monster Mash at 'Brad's Corner'.

Director Brad Goodchild's latest surprise at his blog will be a series of posts with production art of the various monsters in 'Class of the Titans', as drawn by lead designer Kenny Park and based on some of Mr. Goodchild's rough ideas. At the time of this posting, there is currently artwork of Campe, Cerberus, the Chimera, the classic Minotaur (as conquered by Theseus), and Charon (the ferryman of the Underworld).

Stay tuned to this entry for more updates as the series continues.

EDIT: The original five images now have Studio B's watermark added. Additional model sheets for a dragon, Hera's phoenix-form, the Lernean Hydra, as well as Hecate and the owl from Episode 1.08: See You at the Crossroads (which still hasn't aired in Canada yet).

Want to Help With the New Publicity Release Package?

Looking to give back to the show? According to 'Class of the Titans' director Brad Goodchild, Studio B Productions is currently working on a new publicity release package, partly as a pitch to get the show distributed and airing in the United States, and a great way for fans to help would be to look for reviews of the show in their local magazines and newspapers, wherever you are internationally.

For more information, check-out the link to the original request.

Monday, June 12, 2006

New Images on the Director's deviantART Gallery.

Director Brad Goodchild has also uploaded three new images from his new drawing of the 'Class of the Titans' team to his gallery on To go directly to the new images, please use the following links:


They're not in colour because someone else at the studio does the colours, but according to Mr. Goodchild, we should keep an eye out for a full-colour art piece in the future.

'Episodes 1.01-1.03: Chaos 101' Re-airing on Canada Day.

Missed the series pilot episodes yet again and looking for a good way to celebrate Canada Day? Why not celebrate with some Canadian animation, as Episodes 1.01-1:03: Chaos 101 of 'Class of the Titans' -- the very first three episodes that started it all -- will be re-airing on Teletoon as a special Cinetoon presentation on July 1, 2006 at 5:00PM. This is for Canada only.

Thanks to FlashSilverwing at the forum for the heads-up.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Unofficial 'Class of the Titans' FAQ is Up.

Did you ever have a question about the show, yet couldn't find the answer to it anywhere? LostExperiment has compiled an amazing unofficial 'Class of the Titans' FAQ using the original backlogged forum posts at that we've been going through again It should provide the answers to many commonly asked questions about the show.

The FAQ is currently an on-going effort and will eventually incorporate director Brad Goodchild's answers to the questions people submit to him. If you have any feedback for the FAQ or would like to help contribute by submitting questions, please check-out this topic at the forum.

Please note that you do require a account in order to post.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Treasure Trove of New Material at 'Brad's Corner'!

If you enjoyed the studio material posted regularly at director Brad Goodchild's blog or if you're participating in the fanart exchange, you will love all the recent material posted there, as it's the biggest update yet. Just to give you a bit of a teaser as to what you'll find there, here's a list (but see if all for yourself!):

  • Pose and expression sheets for all seven heroes, drawn by lead designer Kenny Park.

  • Screencaps from Episode 1.20: Many Happy Returns and Episode 1.24: Sybaris Fountain.

  • 'Candid photographs' seen in a number of episodes (have fun guessing and remembering which ones!), in both coloured and black-and-white versions.

Remember, all of this great new material will only be up for about two weeks before being taken down again, so check it out while you can!

Got a Question for Director Brad Goodchild?

Ever wanted to ask 'Class of the Titans' director Brad Goodchild a question about the show?

If the answer is yes, check out this topic at the forum. All of the rules and procedures are outlined in the first post, and you do not need a account to ask a question. Please note that silly questions, as well as requests that do not follow the rules, will be removed from the question pool. Once questions start coming in, watch the thread for questions and Mr. Goodchild's subsequent answers to be posted.

Also, as a heads-up, LostExperiment is compiling a FAQ for the show for common questions that have either been previously answered by Mr. Goodchild, or ones that can be answered by anyone who's familiar with the show.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Even More New Material at 'Brad's Corner'!

'Class of the Titans' director Brad Goodchild has really outdone himself this time in terms of updating his blog. To give arists doing the fanart exchange, he's posted up five character model sheets featuring expressions and poses for Atlanta, Herry, and Jay from the studio's stock packs for the show, as drawn by lead designer Kenny Park. Check out the blog for these great exclusive images, or go directly to the entry here!

Mr. Goodchild will also be posting several more images tomorrow, so keep an eye out for those as well. And if you're interested in trying your hand at some fanart for the show, he also has the following tip:

A little secret to drawing the characters is that there are no ROUND shapes, are characters are more angular and sharp.

Please keep in mind that as per usual, new material at the blog will generally be taken down after being posted for two weeks.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More Screencaps at 'Brad's Corner'.

For Archie and Atlanta fans, director Brad Goodchild now has several screencaps from Episode 1.13: Little Box of Horrors up on his blog.

Remember, material from the blog will usually only be up for about two weeks before being taken down and replaced with newer goodies.

'Episode 1.08: See You at the Crossroads' Aired in Australia.

Canadian fans of 'Class of the Titans' reportedly won't be seeing Episode 1.08: See You at the Crossroads until October 2006 as a special Hallowe'en holiday episode, but it's just aired in Australia's ABCTV on June 6, 2006.

SilverDragon at the 'Class of the Titans' discussion forum has a fairly detailed summary of the episode than you can read here. Thanks!

Monday, June 05, 2006

New Screencaps at 'Brad's Corner'.

If you're a fan of Herry, director Brad Goodchild now has two screencaps from Episode 1.24: Sybaris Fountain over at Brad's Corner.

Mr. Goodchild is also currently interested in seeing how many Herry fans are out there, so if you're one of them, please give him a shout over at this topic over at

Friday, June 02, 2006

Sneak Peek from 'Episode 1.18: Bows and Eros'.

While Episode 1.18: Bows and Eros won't be airing in Canada until February 2007. director Brad Goodchild has been kind enough to give fans another sneak peek at the episode over at Brad's Corner. Thanks again!

Trust us, it's a great screenshot, especially if you're a fan of the Jay and Theresa couple. See it for yourself. Remember that material at the blog is only ever up for short periods of time before it's taken down though, so check it out while you can!

Meanwhile, old material such as the character models and mock-up posters have since been removed.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

'Class of the Titans' -- The Videogame?

Don't hold your breath for animated videogame of 'Class of the Titans' yet!

An Animation World Magazine article from June 29, 2005 titled
Canadian Scene: Animation Independents' Day
has this interesting comment from Studio B Productions Partner and Executive Producer Blair Peters has this to say regarding the future of animated videogames in the industry:

"Videogame animation is hot right now and I am sure some animation studios are benefiting from this, but it is not something that Studio B has gotten into yet," says Peters of Vancouver’s Studio B. "That said, we see doing videogames with existing properties like Being Ian and Class of the Titans as a way of extending the brand outside of television."

The article is admittedly about a year old -- we will rarely cover old articles in the newsblog unless there is information of interest that most fans would probably not be aware of -- and at this point in time, there doesn't seem to be an update on this particular venture.